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Vilo Socks Consignment

Vilo Socks was founded in Singapore and designed in Korea. We are the main distributor and supplier for Vilo Socks and provide a consignment basis to pushcart/ retail stores/ vendors with high traffic crowds. We will provide full setup and delivery as well as regular top-up: 1 x no. of rotating rack with hundreds of socks.

7 Benefits of Socks Consignment:

  1. Increase Revenue = Increase Profit

  2. Small space required less than 1x1m space in your shop

  3. No Risk

  4. Increased exposure & merchandise range

  5. No liability from socks

  6. Affordable to mass market and passer-by

  7. Professional account servicing staff

How does it work?

You provide us with a space, ideally at the entrance, as a high crowd area will lead to many impulsive buyers for our socks.

For consignment: 

Upon confirmation, you will have an agreement with your margin in percentage and we will also require a deposit of $300 for $1000^ worth of stocks. The despot will be used to offset the last payment for the removal of the consignment. Weekly stocking and top-up of socks will be billed by the quantity ordered.


That's it! With our socks consignment, you will be able to increase your revenue from $50-300/day in average and it can easily generate an additional $1-10k sales per month with our perfect planning!

Vilo Socks Consignment Singapore for retail shop retailers thesgservice
Vilo Socks Consignment Singapore for retail shop retailers thesgservice

For more details please do not hesitate and contact our Business Development Manager

Vincent Han 8468 7728

For a non-obligated appointment & consignment request. Feel free to email us for our company profile & consign detail agreement!

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