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Best & Cheap Accountant Service Singapore

Cheap Accounting Service Singapore | Cheap Bookkeeping Services

Cheap Accountant & Cheap Accounting Services & Cheap Bookkeeping & PSG Grant Xero Consultation accounting and bookkeeping services for small business singapore

Cheap Accountant Services Singapore

We know that accounting is important in any firm, and it is also time-consuming to properly manage your accounts. However, we are here to help you free the hassle of preparing and managing your own accounts!


We offer a wide range of popular accounting services and tax support for start-ups and SMEs in Singapore. Some of our services include cheap bookkeeping in Singapore, corporate secretarial services, taxation and payroll management. We specialise in accounting services management, effective tax planning and P&L business consultation.


With our certified team of accountants with over 10 years of experience, rest assured that your accounts are in good hands! We will help your business to grow and generate wealth while managing financial risks and complying with ACRA standards. The best, cheap and affordable accounting management services!

SG Accounting Firm Cheap Accountant & Cheap Accounting Services & Cheap Bookkeeping & PSG Grant Xero Consultation accounting bookkeeping services for small businesses singapore
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Specialised Corporate Cheap Accounting Services in Singapore

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Cheap Bookkeeping Service

Singapore Accounting Services


Bookkeeping can be done on a daily, monthly quarterly, or yearly basis. To maintain proper records of financial transactions, we help in the management of your General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, and others in accordance to accounting standards.

Cheapest Bookkeeping Services in Singapore starting from as low as $100/month

tax accountant tax service tax preparation

Unaudited Financial Statements,

Tax Computation and Tax Filing 


We provide the preparation and compilation of Financial Statements which include but not limited to the following: income statement, balance sheet, year-end financial statements, to ensure that statutory filing requirements and tax obligations are met. We will help you with tax planning, including helping you to prepare and submit your business taxes. 

Annual Cheap Accounting Service in Singapore

Both ACRA compliance services at $1000-2000

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Registration and Company Incorporation in Singapore


To start your company in Singapore, we will help you with your company registration and incorporation. For new start-ups, we will help and advise you on procedures required to set-up your business in the correct manner. We will prepare the Constitution, consent to act as a director, and an incorporation application to help you in the formation of your company in Singapore. We have a grant consultancy arm to help you leverage on any startup grants to kickstart your business up to 80%.


Tax Advisory

and Tax Planning


Assisting with your corporate income tax planning and advisory services and identifying tax incentive opportunities to optimize tax benefits. Use our company taxation to avoid the tax implications of every decision you make which will cost you a lot of money. Our professional accountants will help you make the best decisions. We even provide a price-matching scheme to ensure that all prices are kept low and affordable!


Company Corporate Secretarial



Every local firm needs a company secretary within six months of incorporation. We provide general corporate secretarial services which include filing of Annual Returns, preparation of AGM minutes, drafting of director's resolutions and minutes (including but not limited to change of company name, business activities, registered address). The Corporate Secretary tracks changes in the company and reports to ACRA, and also provides advisory on corporate compliance matters.


GST Registration

for Singapore Companies


We provide the service of GST registration which includes preparation of application forms, a compilation of supporting documents and the preparation of GIRO application forms. Save on time and leave all the paperwork to our professional accountants! We will help you go through the GST registration process quickly and accurately.

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Payroll Management

Payroll Outsourcing


We provide payroll services to manage your payroll and help you process your year-end taxes confidently! Our service ensures that the government remittances such as CPF are paid on time, tax filing requirements are followed and payroll information is kept confidential. Our cheap accountants services keep your cost affordable too.

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Preparation of

4-Line Statement


For individuals with revenue of more than $100,000, we provide the preparation of annual 4-Line statement report for self-employed/ sole proprietor and freelancers such as Insurance Agent, Property Agent and other high sales commission agent!

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