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TheSGservice provides professional services from accounting management to digital marketing solutions. We aim to help your business grow and thrive! Apart from these services, we also provide the rental of equipment and items such as portable aircon and red carpet.

Milestone & Story of TheSGservice was founded in 2015 and had an objective to make it into a million-dollar business. The business was acquired in 2016 by a corporate shareholder, leading the company to its growth.

At the initial stage of the business, TheSGservice started out as a moving company, followed by providing home painting services and even the rental of air conditioners. Beyond the everyday consumers, we reached out to corporations by providing industrial air conditioners to offices for commercial usage.


Moving forward, we collaborated with ViloSocks and became the official local distributor of their products in various stores around Singapore. With the development of technology, we also noticed the importance of web development and went into the business of providing web designing services for our clients.

Eventually, with larger reserved funds from profits, we were able to expand into the business of buying 9-10 years old secondhand scrap cars at a higher value.

In view of COVID-19, we adapted to the needs of the market and started providing live streaming broadcast services for various events. We also merged with YMC Accounting Firm (established in 2015) and rebranded our accounting arm to SG Accounting Firm & Grant Consultancy, providing accounting and grant consultation services to start-ups and SMEs in Singapore. We aim to help businesses grow and reduce their operating costs during this tough period.


In addition, to complement our existing web designing services, we also branched out towards digital marketing by providing more in-depth SEM, SEO, social media management marketing service, and Facebook ads management. In today's world, we believe that digital transformation is essential for all businesses, and we aim to help your business transform and grow!

Our Vision

To grow beyond a 10 million dollar company by 2025.


Our Mission

We deliver the best and strive above our customers' expectations. We believe in providing the most reasonable and affordable rates to our customers with our in-house services.


Our Commitment

  • We train our staff to execute the toughest work to be done

  • We will always be at your destination on time, regardless of rain or shine

  • We commit and ensure that our customers will receive their items on time

  • Full transparency, no hidden cost

  • All final prices are NETT

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