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Social Media Account Management Marketing Services

Quit attempting to prevail in 2021 with the 2014 marketing strategy

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Social media marketing is an important way for you to listen and engage with your audience. It is an important tool to help you better understand and build meaningful relationships with your customers. Through social media management, you can also reach out to a greater pool of audience through organic growth and paid advertisements. This, in turn, will lead to increased audience engagement, and will potentially convert your audience into your loyal customers.

The use of social media platforms helps to build awareness, generate leads and sales. It is an important factor to allow you to generate more business. It is also a blueprint for how you manage your content and interactions with customers through social media. 

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Cheap Facebook Advertising Services

Audience-Based Facebook Campaigns

Sometimes search engine marketing isn’t the only way to reach your audience. With over 1 billion users, Facebook Ads is the perfect complement to any digital marketing campaign. Facebook ads put your business in front of your audience by placing content directly in their news feed funnelling them to your Facebook page to increase likes, your website to learn more about your business, or your front door to make a purchase.

We will handle all social media advertisements including leveraging on Facebook advertisements across your social media accounts to help you reach out to your target audience. This, in turn, will increase leads and lead to higher sales conversion. We use cost-effective ways to help you lower the cost per leads.

For individuals who run Facebook ads themselves, it will cost them $30-50/lead while an amateur marketer will reduce the cost to $20-30/lead. For our professional digital marketers, we will be able to make it more cost-effective! Ranging from $1-$20/leads, we will help you save 10-20x of your budget!

From $800, min. 6-month contract (U.P. $1500)

Our cheap Facebook ads marketing service of $800 can easily save you up to 10x compared to running ads yourself!



Graphic Designing

We help you create beautiful designs based on your company's needs. From electronic newsletters to static, video or GIF Instagram stories, our team of professional designers will create compelling designs for you.


Growth of Facebook & Instagram

Fans / Followers

Besides creating compelling content, we will engage and connect with your audience, increasing your customer engagement. Through organic growth and paid advertisements, we aim to help you grow your fanbase.


Facebook Account Management & Instagram Social Media Management

We will plan and develop creative content for your social media accounts. While managing your accounts, we will tailor a customized social media marketing campaign for your brand. 

3x Content Strategy for your social media posts

3x Copywriting for your social media posts

3x Creative artworks for your social media posts

Scheduling of Post & Planning of content calendar

Facebook Page Growth (Complimentary PROMO)

Office Hours Customer helpdesk in PM/DM

Facebook Monitoring - PM,DM, Comments & Reviews during normal business hours, and responses are typically done the same day or within 24 hours.

As low as $1500

Minimum 6 mths contract


Search Engine Marketing or SEM solutions/ PPC -Adwords Google Ads

Get more traffic, leads and deals with THESGSERVICE shrewd mission improvement. Our accomplished Campaign Specialists will assist you with enhancing your website pages to get better scores and subsequently lower CPCs. These as a result cuts squandered advertisement spend and support your mission ROI.

Increase leads from clicks

Increase Conversion & Tracking

Keywords and Bids Strategy Management

Lower your Cost-Per-Acquisition (Lower CPC)

Creating your perfect audience

Our team will use your marketing personas to create custom Facebook audiences based on their age, gender, interests, profession, job-level, and more. We can also import current customer lists, create lookalike audiences, or retarget towards people who have already visited your website.

Creating eye-catching content

Once the audience is created, our team of copywriters and designers will create highly compelling social ads that drive your audience where we want them to go. Our digital strategist will manage your Facebook ads account ensuring that your message gets in front of your audience, while not exceeding your budget.

Keeping your team informed, and our strategy fresh

Each month our team will review the progress of your Facebook ads campaign ensuring that the ads are still aligned with current goals, optimized for conversions, and identify if there are any areas of improvement. We will provide your team with a monthly report showing wins and losses and include ongoing recommendations for audience, content, and Facebook ad performance.

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