Cheap Condo Painting Service BUT professional & GOOD

The Singapore Painter aims to have transparent and clear prices so that our customers can be one step closer to decision making in the complicated choice of painting company!

Why us, not them for Cheap Painting Service?

The Singapore Mover is moving to The Singapore Painter to help our customers have an all-in-one service for their homes. We are highly experienced professionals in Painting Services but cheap painting to the Singapore Condo & landed market. We follow a stringent process and schedule to ensure timely delivery of the highest quality of service. We insist on using only authentic premium paint materials for the best results, therefore you can rest assured! 

We provide good and cheap painting services to condominiums in every part of Singapore. Our staffs are able to get clearance for areas with higher security clearance too. Condominium owners trust us for our responsiveness and ability to get the job done well. Through hard work and dedication, we have since established ourselves as the leading choice for Premium Condominium Painting Services in Singapore. 


Even though we do not have over 20 years of experience in painting houses, we are still able to make the painting process a hassle-free one to achieve your most optimal and ideal results! We offer great service with quality and fast completion.

Home Painting Service Singapore

Studio -- $550

1 bedroom -- $650

2 bedroom -- $850

2 bedroom/study -- $950

3 bedroom -- $1050

3 bedroom/study -- $1150

4 bedroom -- $1450

4 bedroom/ study -- $1650

2 bedroom penthouse -- $1450

3 bedroom penthouse -- $1650

4 bedroom penthouse -- $1850


Prices quoted above include:

All Wall Area

All Ceiling Area

All Toilet Ceiling

Prices quoted exclude:

Door and Door Frame -- $50

Toilet wall -- $50

Toilet pipe -- $50

Water and Gas pipe -- $50

Main Door and Gate -- $100

*Extra charges will be incurred if customer chooses to have more colors



Why we always ask questions?

For most commercial painting companies, they don't bother asking what are the customers' concerns. For us, we always ensure customer satisfaction, therefore to prevent any misunderstanding or problems from rising we will always ask what the customer needs before we move on to the next stage. The “local” painter can generate just as many headaches as the international painter – which is why the relocation experts at The Singapore Mover treat every paint, near or far, with the same dedicated professionalism. Remain the best and professional painting service in Singapore.


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