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Purchase Your Old Second Hand Car

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Whether your car’s COE is expiring or you wish to export or sell your car for a higher value, we are here to help you through the whole process! We buy your used cars at the most competitive prices. The value of your car will be determined based on the body of the car, model, and supply and demand. For cars of newer and better conditions, the prices will definitely be better! Take advantage of our service to easily boost your cash flow!


Be assured that the prices will be HIGHER than just PARF of the car! We will obtain the highest scrap value for your car. We even offer a price-matching scheme to match your prices.

Scrap Value Of Car Singapore | Car Scrap Value

Numerous elements goes into the evaluation of the scrap car value , the most critical component is the interest and market value at that specific time. What do we think about when we evaluate the scrap value of a car? Discover more about how you can assess the value of your car by perusing our accommodating aide beneath. 


Demand and Supply 

The market interest and supply of a specific car model elements in the last value assessment. Where interest for a car model is higher, the scrap car value will normally rise. Then again, if there is an overflow of proprietors keen on scrapping the car model, then, at that point the car scrap value will fall. 

Brands and Condition of the Car 

Normally, a few cars are worth more than others, contingent upon the make and model of the vehicle. A running vehicle, regardless of whether it runs ineffectively, it will in any case get a higher value than a car that is totally totalled. 

In the event that your vehicle is totalled or runs in an inferior condition, it may do you well to get the situation with the vehicle surveyed. You might have the option to get more cash in the event that you understand what's going on with your vehicle and furthermore the expenses required to fix it. 

Regardless, knowing definitely what's up with your vehicle will place you in a preferred situation over not knowing anything by any means. 


Assess the Market Value 

Carry out market studies to discover the normal assessed cost of your vehicle-explicit make and model. You can likewise carry out reviews from the solace of your home by checking advertisements online of vehicles like your own. 

Market Surveys can assist you with deciding the market value of your vehicle effectively, and this will assist you with monitoring the market cost of your vehicle. Regardless of whether your vehicle is totally totalled, you might have the option to get a decent scrap value if the vehicle is of fare value.


Selling of old,

second-hand car

Selling of cars

with COE ending

Trading in of old cars

(any car model above 9 years)

Condition: Car must be in working driving condition only - No worries if it looks ugly or damaged.


Get an instant quotation! Simply provide us the following information via WhatsApp 83636 136:

  • Car Make and Model

  • Car Plate Number

  • Owner ID (last 4 digits)

  • Photos of Car

HIGHEST PRICE for best scrap car exporter in Singapore! Enjoy a hassle-free, stress-free and seamless experience when you scrap your car with us!

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