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Why move with The Singapore Mover?


The Singapore Mover is a full-service relocation company. We have a crew of professional and experienced movers that will work meticulously and efficiently to provide you with the best relocation services available. Don’t choose a moving company only on the basis of the lowest bid without checking their background. Our professional relocation specialist will take good care of your possessions and help you make moving a stress-free experience!


Our crew members are well trained in dismantling and assembling bed frames, detachable furniture, shelves, office partition and other home or office items. Leave these time-consuming tasks to our experts that specialise in moving services!

Your choice of moving company is extremely important in reducing the stress of a move.


Research has indicated that moving is one of the three most stressful events in our lives. For this reason, the company you choose for moving is extremely important. How do you decide?


On the face of it, a lot of moving companies seem quite similar. So do you choose the cheaper company? Or the one making the most extravagant promises? A very difficult but important decision.

Some unscrupulous service providers offer lowball estimates to entice unwary customers. They demand a lot more than the quoted price, once they have their possessions. If you get a mover’s quote that seems to be unrealistically low, check to see if there are any hidden charges involved. Compare the movers' quotes to check the credentials and reputation of the home movers before you choose one of them.

We at The Singapore Mover believe we have some very unique features which set us apart. The more information you provide us prior to your move, the better your chances are of having a smooth move that fits your budget. 


We are a people business

Firstly, our business philosophy is based on the premise that we are a people business, and our service - helping you move house - is our product. If we don't provide professional personal service we don't deserve to stay in business. So every emphasis is placed on this key factor.


Our aim is to simply be the best

Our shareholders are working Directors in the business, providing an extra degree of focus not found elsewhere. Our aim has always been simply to be the best.