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Purchase Your Old Second Hand Car

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Whether your car’s COE is expiring or you wish to export or sell your car for a higher value, we are here to help you through the whole process! We buy your used cars at the most competitive prices. The value of your car will be determined based on the body of the car, model, and supply and demand. For cars of newer and better conditions, the prices will definitely be better! Take advantage of our service to easily boost your cash flow!


Be assured that the prices will be HIGHER than just PARF of the car! We will obtain the highest scrap value for your car. We even offer a price-matching scheme to match your prices.

Selling of old,

second-hand car

Selling of cars

with COE ending

Trading in of old cars

(any car model above 9 years)

Condition: Car must be in working driving condition only - No worries if it looks ugly or damaged.


Get an instant quotation! Simply provide us the following information via WhatsApp 9389 1853:

  • Car Make and Model

  • Car Plate Number

  • Photos of Car

  • Owner ID (last 4 digits)

The best scrap car exporter in Singapore! Enjoy a hassle-free, stress-free and seamless experience when you scrap your car with us!